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Road To 100 LBS

Hi everyone I’d like to start this off by saying my name is CHRISTOPHER THOMPSON & I’m glad your here looking into bettering yourself & becoming a healthier you❗️

My journey began with a consultation after seeing numerous post from Reggie about his business. Prior to my consultation me & Reggie had never met we were only friends on Facebook but I had been battling with some of my flaws & insecurities about my self with my weight & body image I would never personally admit this before I came to Reggie. So I met with Reggie for the consultation we discussed goals & his approach to goals & what my overall idea for myself was & everything went well I let him know ahead of time that I also had medical conditions that I needed to be weary of during the process & he made sure that was not a problem❗️ I agree to a plan we set up & we move into the work phase. Reggie isn’t overbearing & is great motivator his approach is passionate but friendly if do your part he does his & the results will show & speak for themselves❗️I came in at 354lbs my first week & I gained weight my second week to 368lbs crazy right? He didn’t let that deter his plans in our set routine he made sure I didn’t feel discouraged as we worked I started shedding weight maintaining my diet & healthy habits. I’m writing this review as I reached 12-13 weeks I’m down to 300.4lbs that’s a big 68lbs & I FEEL AMAZING because of it, if that doesn’t say a lot I don’t know what will. Reggie is not only a trainer he became a friend & I recommend his services to all, I stand behind his brand. If you do your part he’ll do his part. Over here at Alpha Vizion Fitness we hold one another accountable & we don’t short change each other we come for change & results. I hope my review can show you that Reggie & AVF are the place to get those results. 

Hoodie Ash

Client Transformation

105 LBS lost and counting

Client Transformation

Wedding Ready

Mrs Evans wanted to have the perfect wedding and with that request she wanted to have the perfect dress. She came to Alpha Vision Fitness to lose weight and inches around her mid section. Fast forward 2 months and Mrs Evans had her first dress fitting and everything was perfect we delivered. She had lost the inches that she wanted and loved the dress that she chose for her special day.

We are the perfect fit.

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Alpha Vision Fitness

In all actuality, he makes me feel comfortable. I had been and was searching for someone who could understand the importance for those trying to lose or gain weight. His energy is great every session and I just feel pumped before and after a workout. I can be myself and know that my goals will be met.


Reg! I appreciate you my friend. We have built a bond- ha, stronger than my shakey legs. I am very appreciative for you allowing me to be a part of your team and for being my trainer. I was down and out mentally when we met, and you have brought back a sense of energy I was losing. You are a great accountability partner and just over all great vibe. Thanks Big Reg!


Reggie pushes me to be my best self in a positive way. He explains workouts well and the purpose of them. Working out with him is fun


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